If you have a player who has a red card next to their name on the Whole Game System, this means they have an outstanding suspension that needs to be cleared.

To do this, go into the matches tab on the left hand side of your club's page. There will be a list of matches that are on the system. If one of the suspension matches is already on the list, then you don't need to touch that match as it should already be on the suspension. If you need to add a match, all you need to do is click add new match at the top of the page and go through the details of the match. Once these are saved, it will automatically allocate that match to the appropriate case/s so you don't need to add it to specific cases.

If you need to cancel a match as it was abandoned or postponed, give us a ring on 01772 624000 so we can cancel it for you.

Additionally, should you be struggling with this part of the system please simply call us on 01772 624000 and we'll be able to help you through the process.